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With so much myths about Bhutan, rumors about the quota, so-called high royalty and limited flight options and what not, it can be confusing when you are planning a trip for Bhutan. In fact, it's not that complicated as it sounds to be but it's true that you need to start planning well in advance, usually a year before.

1. Decide what trip you would like to take:You can join our small group tour or take a private trip. Our website lists a good number of trip ideas that can be further

customized based on your holiday duration and interest. Decide you want to do classic cultural tours or add adventures such as trekking, rafting, day hiking etc. We can also add other experiences such as cooking, archery, Buddhist rituals, fly-fishing etc.

2. Choose the season and dates you wish to travel. Your trip dates have to match with Druk Air Schedules and trip confirmation is subject to opening of Druk Air seats.

3. Decide what city you will fly into from and depart out of. Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only two airlines flying into and out of Bhutan and they sell out seats very quickly. So, don't waste much time on finalizing the itinerary. You can book the tickets on Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines website; Druk air is the preferred one as it offers more frequent flights. Bangkok, Kathmandu , Delhi and Kolkatta are the most preferred gateway cities to fly into and out of Bhutan.

5. Once the itinerary and dates are finalized, send us a booking form and tour deposit USD 150 plus cost of Druk Air Tickets. You can make wire transfer or fax us credit card authorization. We will also need a copy of your photo page of your passport. You can send it by mail or e-mail the scanned copy or fax it. Sending us a deposit is not a guarantee the of the trip as it solely depends on availability of Druk Air seats. If we couldn't get seats in Druk Air, we will refund you the deposit less USD 25 per person as administrative expenses.

6. Once we get green signal from Druk Air (or Bhutan Airlines) Reservation, we will send you the final invoice, payment schedule and booking status. The final payment is due 60 days prior departure. Custom tours payment schedule can vary case to case basis.

7. Upon receipt of final payment, we will mail you detailed trip dossiers, Druk Air Tickets and other relevant information, no later than 3 weeks prior departure.

8. We try to get clearance of your Bhutan visa as early as possible but during peak season, usually we are able to get clearance few days before your trip date. In that case, we will e-mail you the scanned copy of the visa clearance letter or provide you simply visa number. All Druk Air Stations and Paro Immigration are faxed a copy of Bhutan visa clearance letter and so you will not be stopped onboard even you don't bear a copy of this. Of course, visa letter handy will help you smooth and speedy check in flight and clearance in the immigration.

9. Your passport is stamped with actual visa upon arrival in Paro airport. Visa fee is pre paid by us. Photos are no longer needed.

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