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How to get to Bhutan and Away.

You can enter Bhutan by air or overland via the southern borders with India. The majority of the travelers enter Bhutan by air. Some travelers who are traveling to Sikkim or Darjeeling or North-eastern states of India may enter or exit overland. Bhutan government has made it mandatory to use at least one-way air travel, though.

By Air

Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only two airlines connecting Bhutan with the outside world.

Paro is the only international airport in Bhutan. The airlines connect Paro with regional cities such as Kathmandu (Nepal), Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Guwahati, and Bagdogra (India), Bangkok (Thailand), and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

By Surface

We can also enter Bhutan by surface. Bhutan borders with India from three sides: East, South, and West. While Phutsholing (Southern border) and Sandrupjongkhar (East) are two border towns that serve as ports for tourists to get in and out of Bhutan.


Phuntsholing, the southern Bhutan border town, is 169km (106 miles) from Thimpu. The Indian side is called Jaigaon and connected by road with Siliguri of West Bengal. Siliguri has an NJP train station and Bagdogra airport. NJP train station has connections with major Indian cities. Bagdogra airport connects Delhi, Kolkatta, and Guwahati. From Siliguri, Nepal border is one hour drive, and another half an hour brings you to Bhadrapur airport from where you can fly to Kathmandu (1 hr).

If you are visiting Sikkim and Darjeeling before or after Bhutan, you will use Phuntsoling as the port of entry or exit. From Phuntsoling, Siliguri is a mere 6 hours drive, and further one hour drive will bring you to Nepal border. Bhutan Transport operates a regular bus service between Phuntsoling and Siliguri. On request of our clients, we can arrange private jeep transportation to Siliguri (5 hrs), Kalimpong (6 hrs), Gangtok (8 hrs), Darjeeling (8 hrs) and Bhadrapur (9 hrs).

Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup Jongar served as the port in eastern Bhutan, but following an Ulfa and Bodo Separatist activities, it is closed temporarily.