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Traveling Bhutan is safe.

Bhutan is almost worry-free travel destination and we don't find any adverse travel advisories against Bhutan. There is very little or no crime even in larger cities such as Thimphu. A very rare cases of pick-pocketing and purse snatching have been reported. Intermittent cases of burglaries, theft, robbery and assaults can be read in the newspapers but we have no knowledge of any foreign travelers been victim of such incidents.

Smoking is banned for the public but foreign tourists are exempt of this. Foreign travelers should refrain from selling tobacco products to the locals.

Bhutanese people, who are Buddhist have deep respect to all forms of life and that has contributed in the rise of number of stray dogs.So, it's advisable to avoid contact with the stay dogs.Please, do not try to touch or feed them. They look innocent but they are not trained and vaccinated.

The sunlight is intense due to high elevation and low latitude and even on a cloudy day, you might get sunburn. So, come prepared with sun glasses, hat and sunscreen lotions.

Although there are no reports of tourists being attacked, avoid going out alone when it's dark.  Avoid walking at night as cars, buses and even animals use the same road.

Homosexuality is not accepted in Bhutan and so same-sex couples should act discretely. Actually, public display of affection is frowned upon irrespective of the sexual orientation.