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Sri Lanka Fishermen

Sri Lanka Offers Free Visa!

The Tourism Promotion Bureau of Sri Lanka announced a free visa to the travelers of 48 countries, including the United States and the offer will be valid for six months, effective from 1st Aug 2019....

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Bhutan’s Tsechu Festivals

If you have heard about Bhutan, surely you have heard about Bhutan’s Tsechu festivals. Tsechu, which literally means ‘day ten’ in Dzongkha language, are annual celebrations held...

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Thanaka-Beauty the Burmese Way

If you have been to Myanmar, you definitely know of what Thanaka really is. Even if you haven’t got chance to visit Myanmar, perhaps you may have come across the pictures of Burmese girls or...

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Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal

Every mindful traveler know that it is essential to recognize some basic protocols while going to any country as it makes travel much tension-free and pleasant. Nepal is one of the easiest places...

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Sakela Festival

Nepal is a beautiful country comprised of more than a hundred ethnic groups and while the official language is Nepali, there are over ninety-two languages spoken by people from various ethnic groups....

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Tsechu festivals of Bhutan

If you have heard about the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, you may have probably heard about Bhutan’s festivals called ‘Tsechu’ as well. This weird sounding word Tsechu literally...

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