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Hotels in Bhutan

Hotel Sonamgang, Punakha

With so many beautiful and impeccable properties in Bhutan, Hotel Sonamgang is one of them that fits into the category. Hotel Sonamgang is the translation of the hill of fortune. Through the lenses of pine trees on a beautiful hill, Hotel Sonamgang is a fantastic getaway for travelers of every age to relax and get in touch with the delicate nature of Bhutan. And this hotel is built in a way to give you a feeling of both the modern and old-world.


RKPO Green Resort Punakha

The green resort depicts peace and tranquility, and its location is convenient. It has spacious furnished rooms with modern amenities to contend you with memorable and rejuvenating stay. Highlights at this resort include free continental breakfast, a restaurant, and complimentary self-parking.


Uma Resort Punakha

Uma Punakha by COMO is an 11-room lodge set on a hillside above a bend on the Mo Chu River in the scenic Punakha valley. All rooms look out over the valley, river, rice paddies and orchards. The lodge combines local craftsmanship and contemporary design to produce the highest quality accommodation and the start of the art facilities. 


Dhensa Boutique Resorts Punakha

High above in the heart of the lush Punakha valley, is Dhensa, a boutique property situated a 5-hours’ drive from Paro Airport. Offering spectacular views overlooking terraced rice fields and the winding Punakha River, thick pine forests flanks Dhensa.



Khuru Resort Punakha

Khuru Resort, located within walking distance from the main town of Punakha, offers you a comfortable and peaceful stay. The gently flowing Punakha River adds to the serenity of the resort’s tranquil ambiance. 


Lobesa Hotel Punakha


Hotel Lobesa, a three-star hotel situated in Punakha with a commanding view. Immerse yourself in with beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. A relatively new hotel, Hotel Lobesa offers nice and comfortable accommodations for travelers who are exploring the wonders of Punakha.



Ariya Boutique Hotel Thimphu

Ariya is a contemporary hotel that seamlessly blends local heritage and modern comforts within its graceful architecture of clean lines and open spaces. Ariya is located at the southern entrance of the nation’s capital, and personally appointed rooms have all the modern amenities for exceptional comfort and luxury.


City Hotel Thimphu

City Hotel Thimphu is a casually elegant hotel located in the heart of the city, Thimphu. The hotel is contemporary in design with a perfect blend of traditional Bhutanese features. The historical themes have been well articulated, albeit modern amenities, comfort, and guest service.


Namgay Heritage Hotel Thimphu

Namgay Heritage Hotel is one of the finest luxuries that Bhutan has to offer to its tourists. Located in the hub of the Thimphu City, Namgay Heritage offers a three-star experience in its unique way.


Le Meridien Thimphu

Located in the heart of the capital city, Thimphu, the Le Meridien Thimphu invites the discerning guest to engage and discover the legendary ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan. The hotel has 78 spaciously appointed guest rooms and suites which are culturally inspired, yet decidedly chic and contemporary.

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