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How To Get To Mongolia And Away

The main international airport is Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN), which is about 10 miles southwest of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. You can either go by air or by land to reach Mongolia, depending on your convenience and preference. There are not so many international carriers serving Mongolia, but you can make connections from major Asian capitals.

By Flight

- Hong Kong – Ulaanbaatar by MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

- Beijing – Ulaanbaatar by Air China and MIAT Mongolian Airlines

- Seoul – Ulaanbaatar by Korean Air and MIAT Mongolian Airlines

- Moscow – Ulaanbaatar by Aeroflot.

- Istanbul - Ulaanbaatar by Turkish Airlines.

Recently, Hunu Air offers flights to Ulaanbaatar from Narita Airport of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bangkok. 

By train:

The Trans-Mongolian Line of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, which is the longest (7925 km) continuous rail line on earth links to capital Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with Irkutsk and Moscow, Russia and Beijing.