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Traveler's Safety in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the few destinations in the world where you can travel almost worry-free. It is indeed unlikely that as a visitor, you will encounter any safety issues. The country is politically stable and relatively safer than many other Asian countries. However, there still are things you need to remember.

As with anywhere or any new places, walking alone at night isn’t recommended in Mongolia. And neither is walking alone in the remote countryside. There have been very few cases of targetting foreigners for some minor and non-violent thefts in crowded places or tourist attractions. You must keep your cash, passport, or any expensive pieces of jewelry safe. If you have an opportunity to make a stop at a Ger (nomadic home) and when the host or hostess offers you a cup of tea, it is considered polite to at least take a sip and also consider taking some small gift with you as a token of love.

Like in many parts of the world, homosexuality in Mongolia is legal, but many people still disgrace the fact of being into same-sex relationships. So, it would be better if same-sex couples should act discretely. In general, while visiting Mongolia, we should remember to respect other people’s cultures and beliefs. Also, we should avoid any religious or political topics as much as we can and remain alert of your belongings and avoid any large gathering.

Alcoholism is a problem in the country, and it's common to spot drunk people in the street. While they pose no threat to the tourists, it can be annoying. Stray dogs are also common in the road and so stay away! We highly recommend rabies vaccine.

We don't hear of scams much in Mongolia. There are chances of theft and burglaries in Mongolia as much as in other countries. So, please, stay vigilant of thieves and pick-pockets.