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We don't toot our own horn. Please read what our past travelers have to say about our company, staff and the services we provided to them. We can also provide you the references of our past travelers. They will be happy to share with you their travel experiences and feedback about the trip they did with us.


I have such fond memories of my trip to Nepal and Bhutan. Thanks again for all your assistance in helping us to arrange this trip and please thank Bishnu our Nepal Guide and Rinzin our Bhutan Guide. They were both extremely knowledgeable, flexible and two of the best guides I’ve ever had. I also want to extend another thank you to our driver in Bhutan - he is by far the best driver ever! And, delightful to be around. 
Thank you everyone on the Far and High team who helped make this trip a dream come true
Carol M
Golden, CO
Bhutan and Nepal, Dec 2017
Hope the New Year has gotten off to a good start. I had a wonderful time on this trip. It was an adventure of a life time. So happy we flew Qatar Airlines. They were amazing. The accommodations were very comfortable. It was like staying in a ski lodge at home with lots of character. Our hosts in both in Nepal and Bhutan were so knowledgeable and kind. The driver in Bhutan was off the charts. It was unanimous, we all felt safe on the unpaved roads with him driving.I also want to thank you for your patience with the changes. 
Susan O.
Philadelphia, PA
Bhutan and Nepal, December 2017
The trip was great . We really enjoyed it though I was over ambitious with hikes. Unlike the Dolomites, that part of the Himalayas is straight up and the starting elevation was higher. My companion couldn’t do any hiking so we skipped it altogether. It was ok. 
I loved all the chilis there and ate enough for an army. Our guide was great. We enjoyed his company very much. He went above and beyond the call of duty. 
Myanmar was interesting though a bit more hectic . I think in the final analysis it was too many Buddhist temples to visit over 3 weeks just like overdosing on anything. 
All in all very well planned and most enjoyable holiday . Thank you and your team for a memorable trip. 
Lina K.
Washington D.C.
Bhutann and Myanmar, Nov 2017

Greetings from Bagan. We are enjoying our trip. The hotels so far were very good. The guide Nay Oo is very knowledgeable, and very likable. Food is good as well. Good variety. It was raining lightly yesterday. One of the group member who is a Burmese say that if he tells his friend it rains in Bagan, they will never believe him. Well may be we bring well wishes to the farmers here and we water their crops and that is a good thing.

Thank you for the arrangement.

Mary H
South California

Postak....our trip was fantastic and we are so grateful for your help in putting it together for us. The trip was very educational, enlightening, and more than met our expectations. Our guides and drivers in Mongolia and Nepal were caring and went out of their way to introduce us to their country. The guide in Tibet was knowledgeable but acted like we were an inconvenience to him....

We discovered many kind and generous people along the way despite their difficult positions.

The hotels had great locations...very walkable to areas of interest.

All details of the trip were very well planned and executed.

We would confidently use your services on a future trip and will sing your praises to friends.

You do a terrific job of communicating.

Thanks so much for putting together such a memorable trip for us.

Linda B.
Oregon, USA.

Many thanks for the super trip. No complaints. The guides and drivers were excellent and reliable.
Touring program was excellent and the guides accommodated changes with ease.
Every day was an adventure.

Herb D., NY

Hello Postak,

We returned to the US early this week. We had a wonderful time in Bhutan. We enjoyed visiting the different sights and monasteries, and hiking outdoors to see the different landscapes. The mountains, rice fields and rivers were just beautiful. All of our friends and families are so excited to hear about our trip and see the pictures we took.

We had a great experience with your company. Our guide, Kinley was responsible, efficient, and resourceful. He was knowledgeable in Buddhism, Bhutanese culture and history which we enjoyed learning about. Our driver, Nidep was very professional and helpful. We traveled through some remote areas where the roads were still being built and paved. The drive was very bumpy and we all got carsick. However, we did not mind as this was part of our big adventure! Nidep was a very cautious driver so we all felt safe. Kinley and Nidep were a great team. They made sure that we were comfortable and all our needs were taken care.

During our stay in Thimpu, we had the opportunity to meet your partner Karma. He enjoyed the cultural show and had dinner with us. I really like that Karma is very involved in the day-to-day operations and has a great rapport with employees. I appreciated that Karma made time in his schedule to meet us and to make sure that everything was going well on our trip. We enjoyed spending the evening with Karma, he is very sincere and personable.

Postak, I want to thank you for suggesting the cultural show by the local dance troupe. It was a definite highlight for us. The troupe performed dances in the different regions from the North, South, East and West. The costumes and traditional dress were beautiful and the dancers were exceptional.

Thank you for working closely with us to plan the itinerary to ensure that we had an amazing trip in Bhutan. We had a wonderful time meeting the local people who were so welcoming and friendly. There were many highlights during our trip, which made it very special and memorable to us.

All the Best,
Dawn, Jenifer and Kay

Thank you so much again for all of you help. My trip to India and Nepal was fantastic and absolutely flawless! Everything worked out perfectly and I will definitely use you again when I plan to return...which I will. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that wants to travel to that side of the world. Take Good Care and Good Luck!

Warm Regards
Kira S.

Thank you for your kind words.
You will be the first person I contact when I am ready to visit the countries you represent. Also, I will pass your name on to other travelers.
My best to you and your company.

Marion C.
Florida, USA

I have just returned from my trip and enjoyed it very much. The guides and drivers did a very good job and I had much information to share with my family. All the hotels were good

Except the TY in Punakha, Bhutan. I did not like it at all and my guide arranged for me to stay only one night then we toured the next day and left for Thimphu in the afternoon. It worked out MUCH better. I did not like the owner (older man) of that hotel as I thought he was overbearing. This is just for your future info as I think it would be better for a group not an individual.

I just hope I can recommend your company to others. In this area few people travel the way I do. They are afraid and usually use tours. Rarely do they ever do trips online. I get disgusted with a lot of them as they are such babies.

Nevertheless, when people ask me I always have a good word to say about my trips and this one was no exception. Good business to you!!!

Best regards
Tricia W.
Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, USA