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We don't toot our own horn. Please read what our past travelers have to say about our company, staff and the services we provided to them. We can also provide you the references of our past travelers. They will be happy to share with you their travel experiences and feedback about the trip they did with us.


Our trip to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet with Far and High Adventure Travel exceeded all our expectations. The guides and drivers were exceptional, the tours were well paced and visits to sites top notch. Guides spoke English beautifully. They were all enthusiastic and so willing to share their knowledge. When a self-inflected error with my passport prevented my entering Bhutan, Postak, with his connections, was able to correct the situation AND over a holiday weekend there, Upon our arrival in Thimphu his colleague met us and showed us all we had missed the previous 2 days. My husband and I could not have received better service in this part of the world than with Far and High Adventure Travel.

Shirley M, Irving, TX

Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet trip, Oct 2016

Hi Postak 
Just  to let  you  know  we were  very  happy  with  both our trips ,  to Bhutan  and Cambodia .  The guides and drivers were great  and accommodations and food really good.
Carol and Ken H, An Arbor, MI
Bhutan and Cambodia  Nov 2016

It was all good, went well.  The original 14 days schedule would have been too much for us, so shortening it by three days worked well for us.  Our only suggestion is that the seat belts be made accessible.  There was a a slip cover of sorts over the seats so they were not available.  We spent several days and hours in the vehicle.
Thanks for your help.

Larry D.

Portland, OR

Tibet Everest Base Camp, Apr 2016

I thought the trip was exceptionally well done.  Good pacing, good planning and executing.  The guides were all great.  They all have respect and good things to say about you.
Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip and for your patience with me.
Shirley M.
Irving, TX
Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet Tour Oct-Nov, 2016

I am an Australian living in Saudi Arabia, who visited Nepal March / April 2012 and recommend High Asia Tours most highly. It is always a gamble to use an unknown tour operator with the only contact being via email, however I could not have been more impressed. To my relief I was met at the airport by the smiling guide Valmiki and my fabulous Nepal experience started from there. Valmiki kept me well informed and the driver Rajal kept me safe on the busy roads for the next 9 days. On my firstnight in Nepal Dave, the company manager/owner accompanied me to the Nepali cultural event which was most unexpected, however his company only added to the unique experience. The itinerary Dave supplied was interesting and varied and although it kept me busy it also allowed time for shopping. I would certainly recommend using High Asia Tours and if I planned to visit Tibet or Bhutan in the future I would use them again.

Linda Kavanagh
Australian Embassy Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
[email protected]

Dear Postak.

It has been a few weeks since our return from Mongolia, but my mind is still there.

In my dreams, I am building a jurt (ger) with our guide Tseegii. I am holding the two centre posts with the ceiling wheel above and I am yelling at Tseegii to hurry up, because a sand storm is coming and I am not able to hold the posts any more. And poor thing Tseegii is running around, dragging the sticks to connect ceiling to side walls. But our math is in hell, because the number of the sticks doesn't match the number of the holes in the ceiling wheel. And my friends Pavel and Helena are standing aside, sipping red vine from crystal glasses (in the middle of desert! with a sand storm behind their backs! ) and laughing at us: "Back to school to learn arithmetics!"

Postak, we would like to thank you and to your partners in Mongolia, because our vacation was amazing. In all aspects, everything went smoothly, no problems.

We were lucky to have Tseegii as our guide; she was a real sweetheart, so much caring, so much helpful and always fulfilling our wishes and our unexpected requirements ( - to see nomads building a ger was one of them and she managed! ) It seemed to me that she was capable to read our mind, because she came with answers or suggestions before we were able to express our self with questions.

Also, all our drivers (in UB, at Khuvsgul lake, or at Gobi desert) were very good, very helpful and friendly. Not just skilled drivers which we felt safe to be with, but also skilled auto mechanics. For example, our driver in south Gobi desert, to our amusement, fixed the shock absorber on one rear wheel in no time, improvising in the middle of desert without proper auto parts! This incident was certainly not planed, but it added one more impressive adventure.

Accommodation and food in all four ger camps - Khustai park, Ashikhai Ger camp at Khuvsgul lake and both ger camps at Gobi desert - were excellent. All of them exceeded our expectation. Real luxury for couch potatoes like we are in our age. Cleanliness of gers, bed sheets, cleanliness of bathrooms, showers, hot water everywhere and at any hour - just perfect. When talking about my vacation in Mongolia, I always mention that staying in ger camps in Mongolia with the service we got from staff was much better than staying in Ramada in UB. I am not complaining about Ramada. It is just to give my friends some picture what kind of luxury some ger camps in Mongolia have. And service? Perhaps we were just lucky to be in Mongolia at beginning of the season, because not many tourists were around at that time. So much attention, so much care; we felt like kings. Luxury, you can just dream of.

For example: one night at Ashikhai camp, at 1:00am, I went to take a shower. The employee girl was just cleaning the showers, apologizing that she let me a minute to wait. I was done in 5 minutes. The girl was still cleaning the hallway and she looked at me puzzled, asking, if I need anything. I said: "No, everything was perfect" and I left. Next morning, the manager !!! of the camp came to ask me, if there was something wrong in the showers? If I missed anything? Because I left the shower so soon ??? Unbelievable! You would hardly experience such a care in any 5 star hotel!

Another example: My friend Helena got slightly sick on stomach the first night at Ashikhai camp. Perhaps after eating a raw salmon for breakfast at Ramada in UB. The staff of Ashikhai camp with our amazing Tseegii were running up and down from the kitchen to our gers until midnight and bringing on trays different remedies to get Helena better. Unbelievable! Helena was OK in the morning. Thank you, Tseegii, thank you Ashikhai ger camp.

The only complain we expressed on our whole trip was, when we learned at dinner time at Ashikhai ger camp, that our return flight next day back to UB was postponed by a half of the day. We were showing to Tseegii our itinerary and she showed us her itinerary. There was discrepancy. Why we were not told ahead? What now? Poor Tseegii tried her best to pleased us, to find some program for us, but no success. We were not pleased with any of her suggestion.

But couple hours later she joined us still siting in front of our gers with amazing plan. She knew how much I am interested to see Mongolian art of horse riding. She, with help of the management of the Ashikhai ger camp, arranged a horse show for us for the next morning. Something unbelievable.

Next morning, a couple of local horsemen showed up with their half wild horses. Whole personnel of the camp got involved. Some of them just as spectators, same as our group of 3 tourists !!! , but most of them helping to keep those wild horses together. Even small kids were riding the horses, some of them without saddles, trying to keep a herd of horses together. Competition started and was for anybody. Our driver tried to cutch a wild horse by lasso, our favourite girl from the kitchen (who was playing horse head fiddle and singing the night before) ended as a last one in the race :((( . The only one, who managed to pick up his hat from the ground while speeding the horse, was one of the local horseman.

The event was natural, improvised, not prearranged by professionals for tourists. This is, what we appreciated. Amazing event, ten times better than spending a half a day in UB as was originally planed. Thank you, Tseegii. You did an excellent job.

One more comment for you, Postak.

What I really appreciated was, that our guide Tseegii and our drivers were dining with us. I am comparing with my previous vacation (Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet), where our guides just sat us at restaurants and than they disappeared, always refusing to eat with us.

In Mongolia it was different. Our Tseegii and our drivers were part of the family. We needed them to sit with us at the table, to answer our questions. About the food we were eating, about ingredients in food, about their life, about life in Mongolia etc. "Where is the driver? Cleaning the car? OK, but we will not start to eat until he is here!" This became the rule. We greatly appreciated that our guide and our driver were dining with us. And we were really lucky to have such an excellent guide and drivers, because we really enjoyed their company and we learned so much from them.

Thank you once more, Postak. The same like you did two years ago, this time again, you organized a wonderful vacation for us.

Thank you, Mongolia.

Jitka B, Canada
also for my friends Pavel and Helena
Greetings from Bagan. We are enjoying our trip. The hotels so far were very good. The guide Nay Oo is very knowledgeable, and very likable. Food is good as well. Good variety. It was raining lightly yesterday. One of the group member who is a Burmese say that if he tells his friend it rains in Bagan, they will never believe him. Well may be we bring well wishes to the farmers here and we water their crops and that is a good thing.
Thank you for the arrangement.
Mary H
South California
Postak....our trip was fantastic and we are so grateful for your help in putting it together for us.  The trip was very educational, enlightening, and more than met our expectations. Our guides and drivers in Mongolia and Nepal were caring and went out of their way to introduce us to their country.  The guide in Tibet was knowledgeable but acted like we were an inconvenience to him....
We discovered many kind and generous people along the way despite their difficult positions.
The hotels had great locations...very walkable to areas of interest.
All details of the trip were very well planned and executed.
We would confidently use your services on a future trip and will sing your praises to friends.
You do a terrific job of communicating.
Thanks so much for putting together such a memorable trip for us.
Linda B.
Oregon, USA.

Many thanks for the super trip. No complaints. The guides and drivers were excellent and reliable.

Touring program was excellent and the guides accommodated changes with ease.
Every day was an adventure.

Herb D., NY

Hello Postak,

We returned to the US early this week.  We had a wonderful time in Bhutan.  We enjoyed visiting the different sights and monasteries, and hiking outdoors to see the different landscapes.  The mountains, rice fields and rivers were just beautiful.  All of our friends and families are so excited to hear about our trip and see the pictures we took.

We had a great experience with your company.  Our guide, Kinley was responsible, efficient, and resourceful.  He was knowledgeable in Buddhism, Bhutanese culture and history which we enjoyed learning about.  Our driver, Nidep was very professional and helpful.  We traveled through some remote areas where the roads were still being built and paved.  The drive was very bumpy and we all got carsick.  However, we did not mind as this was part of our big adventure!  Nidep was a very cautious driver so we all felt safe.  Kinley and Nidep were a great team.  They made sure that we were comfortable and all our needs were taken care.

During our stay in Thimpu, we had the opportunity to meet your partner Karma.  He enjoyed the cultural show and had dinner with us.  I really like that Karma is very involved in the day-to-day operations and has a great rapport with employees.  I appreciated that Karma made time in his schedule to meet us and to make sure that everything was going well on our trip.  We enjoyed spending the evening with Karma, he is very sincere and personable.

Postak, I want to thank you for suggesting the cultural show by the local dance troupe.  It was a definite highlight for us.  The troupe performed dances in the different regions from the North, South, East and West.  The costumes and traditional dress were beautiful and the dancers were exceptional.

Thank you for working closely with us to plan the itinerary to ensure that we had an amazing trip in Bhutan.  We had a wonderful time meeting the local people who were so welcoming and friendly.  There were many highlights during our trip, which made it very special and memorable to us.

All the Best,

Dawn, Jenifer and Kay


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