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We don't toot our own horn. Please read what our past travelers have to say about our company, staff and the services we provided to them. We can also provide you the references of our past travelers. They will be happy to share with you their travel experiences and feedback about the trip they did with us.


First of all let us say that our trip was a huge success for all of us. Having been on tours with bigger companies I would say the main advantages in using your smaller company are:

You personalized our trip for us and changed things as we asked for them. We got to do what we wanted to do after discussing options with you - the expert in these countries. And your last minute restructuring of the Bhutan trip when government officials preparing for the King’s wedding preempted all of the lodging in Punakha was excellent – we really enjoyed our stay at the top of the pass in the Dhochu La Resort.

You were right there for us during the trip as well helping to solve problems, specifically intervening in a positive way when we realized that our Tibet tour guide was not adequate. In fact having the local head of your company, Taschi Norbu, along for the last day of the tour was a huge benefit. He gave us an extraordinary tour explaining so much as we went along. He was friendly and helpful and offered information. We only wish he could have been with us the whole time. He is a treasure like Ratna and Vishnu.

This trip was so much more real than others we have been on. We got to see the real countries, not glossed over for the tourist. We saw the good and the bad.

We felt like we stayed in the best possible places. While they were sometimes not as clean as Americans prefer, we also went to some places that many tours would not consider.

We loved being just four people. We got to ask all the questions we wanted and spend as much or little time on things as we wanted. Our guides in Bhutan and Nepal understood our desire for knowledge about the culture, government, and religion of each country and gave us clear, detailed responses to our queries.

We were so lucky to be on the trip in October even if we did miss the rhododendrons of spring. Every region was harvesting and it was a treat to watch and smell. But the best was to be in Tibet in October after crops were in and to see the many, many people from the countryside who were making their pilgrimage to Lhasa. We couldn't stay away from the sights of the Barkhor and those beautiful faces so we visited it 3 or 4 times.

We loved how warmly and personally we were treated by Ratna - Bhutan guide, Suman – Bhutan driver and Vishnu – Nepal guide. They each made our trip so special.

We loved the walk to the Rinchengang village and Chimi Lakhang Temple in Bhutan. The smell of the ripe rice was intoxicating and the cut rice was laid to dry in beautiful patterns. We also got to see a woman roasting rice and got to taste it. What a treat!

Tiger's Nest was an incredible experience, surprisingly moving and very beautiful as well as challenging. We did make it all the way to Paradise and are so glad we did.

Now for some suggestions:

The only day we wish we could have eliminated was the second day in Kathmandu. The Everest flight was phenomenal (a bit cut short because of time schedules and fog at the airport but still beautiful). However, we thought that Patan and Boudnatha Stupa were too similar to the day before. When added to the number of temples we saw during the whole trip, we felt we could have skipped one or two of those as redundant. But not the Bungmati Village. We realize these are cultural treasures that many will want to see – just not us as we had our fill of Kathmandu.

Everyone loved our visit to the Himalaya Hotel in Lhasa for the cultural dance show by the Tibet Shol Opera Troupe. The food there was extremely interesting - very much a taste of Tibetan food. The show was excellent particularly at the end when they showed costumes from various areas of the country. We had been seeing them on our numerous visits to the Barkhor and loved the explanation by region.

Our trip on the last day of the tour outside of Lhasa was another not to be missed highlight. What an interesting place - the Drak Yerpa Hermitage! And our first chance to see a sky burial site that we had read about.

Your email explained the problem you face in obtaining guides in Tibet. Perhaps you should be a little more specific in your pre-travel itinerary notes about how to evaluate guides during the first day or two of their tours and how strongly your clients should complain if not satisfied. For example, since our guides were so good in Bhutan and Nepal, we did not understand that you were required to use the Chinese syndicate system for hiring guides in Tibet and that you needed to take the guide assigned unless we experienced problems. We did experience difficulty understanding our guide during the first two days and told Taschi Norbu of the problem. You warned us that the Tibetan guides might not be as fluent in English so we did not demand a change. And during those first two days, we failed to ask as many questions of our guide because his answers were short and lacking in detail. Therefore, we really didn’t appreciate the fact that the guide did not understand our questions until our road trip. And unlike the guides in Bhutan and Nepal, he did not explain things as we traveled – instead he talked to the driver or slept. It didn’t take me long to realize that one of us needed to sit in the front passenger seat so we could see better and keep him awake. Finally, we told you of the issues with the Lhasa Kitchen as the lunch place chosen by our guide and the failure of the guide to monitor our service or leave the restaurant when our food failed to arrive in a timely manner. Your management team in Lhasa needs to find several other locations near the Barkhor with decent food for future clients and insist the local guides use those facilities. And the food at our restaurant at the Kyichu was much better than the Lhasa Kitchen. So we hope can find a way to help future travelers understand the issues you face in Tibet and how they should communicate with your on-site management team (what to say and how strongly they should complain) to quickly resolve guide problems.

We found the rooms on the higher floors of the Kyichu Hotel in Lhasa to be cleaner and farther away from the smoky courtyard. The smoke smells and incense were way more tolerable on the higher floors. But the location of the Kyichu is outstanding as we could walk to the Barkhor, the Bank of China and the supermarket. And the staff there, particularly one of the women, couldn’t have been more welcoming.

We loved Chitwan - the rhinos, the people, the walks, the birds, the dugout canoe, the alligators, the jungle and especially the elephants. It would be a wonderful thing if the guide there could have a camera and printer so that someone could take pictures of people on the elephants and sell them to the riders, just like they do at the ski hill for skiers. We don't know if that is feasible because of the poverty of the country but thought it would be a great way for someone to make some money. We know if anyone can figure out how to do it, it would be you. All your friends worked hard to make us feel welcome. We really felt like we were special friends.

We loved Sanctuary Lodge. The walk there was so hot and then there was this lovely sanctuary and the nicest young man with a cool drink. Everyone there was especially hospitable and kind. Vishnu took us on the most wonderful hike into the foothills. We had beautiful views and an exciting walk back down through the rice and barley fields. We didn't want to spend a lot of time trekking but that hike was a perfect mini-trek and a lovely experience.

The resort at Dhochu La Resort was another great experience. While our hot water didn't work at first, two lovely girls came right away to fix it. They finally told us to turn on the cold water in the sink to get hot water in the shower, laughing all the time. The room was so charming with all the hangings covering the inner doorways and the views of the Himalayas were exquisite. The best surprise of all was the food. One of the best dinners of all time for us. We are so glad that we didn't stay in Punakha.

We were so fortunate to be in Punakha right before the royal wedding. The dzong was in beautiful shape and we enjoyed watching the preparations for the wedding.

Finally a question. We took thousands of pictures but have a couple hundred that are our favorites. Do you want copies for you website? If so what is the best way to get them to you?

Thanks so much

Karen and Alan S.
Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal Tour, Oct 2011, Colorado, USA

Thank you so much for such a great and memorable experience in Tibet and Nepal. After I have searched many travel agency, you have provided me the most useful information. We have traveled over 50 countries and have specific request and we have customized our tour meet our need.

I would like to suggest anyone who are going to Tibet and Nepal to be quite prepared. The amenities might not be what you expected, even at the best hotels in town. We did 12 days trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and ended the trip in Kathmandu. It was a great adjustment for altitude. Having plenty of sleep and drinking a lot of water would be helpful. We stay at a very basic but clean room at Rongbuk Monastry and we had the view of Everest when we woke up.

Throughout my preparation for this trip, Postak has been very helpful and even if we were there, I had some request for change in tours in Kathmandu and Postak managed to take care of that very quickly.

Our guides and drivers are great. Guide in Tibet may not speak the best English compare to guide in Nepal but both guides had a lot to offer. We have learned and seen a lot.

I am very pleased that I chose Highland Asia Travel and would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Parnjai J.
Tibet Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu, Aug 2011, Wisconsin, USA

I am sorry I did not write sooner. The trip was fantastic. Everything very well organized. Dev is a very nice man and did everything in his power to make our stay a very pleasant one. He gave us a lovely present. Every time I look at it I remember his nice smile and the wonderful people we met on the trip.

Tiger Tops was fantastic. I have to go back there. The problem you describe relates to Tharu Lodge. I think I would have preferred to stay at Tiger Tops one more day. There is so much to do there. I would recommend it to your clients if I was you. We were invited to eat with the staff and got to know the rangers and the elephant men better. It was great.

Anyway I wanted to thank you and your team for everything you have done to look after us. The planning was perfect.

Once again many thanks for everything. Please extend my thanks to the people who looked after us in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

If you need a reference from me or my husband please do not hesitate.

Ze C.
Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Apr 2011 , London, UK

Thankyou thankyou thankyou... That's all I have to say. The trip was great and your staff were perfect. We changed a lot of things on the itinerary and everything was taken care of directly by sanjeep and dhiren. Dhiren was very patient and kind with us and is truly a remarkable human being. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that wants to visit.

I am giving your email to a friend of mine. She will contact you about her interest in an EBC trek. I would also like to recommend dhiren for that trek if he is available at the time.

Thanks again Postak and we will definitely be in touch again for Tibet and Bhutan.

Ali M.
Kathmandu, Pokhara and Tengboche Monastery Trekkking in March 2011, Lebanon

Yes, we arrived home safe and sound and are trying to recover from the jedtlag. It was a long journey. Everything went well. We want to thank you for providing us with an itinerary that was well suited for people of our age. There was plenty of time to see it all during the day but gave us ample time to rest in the evenings. The only disappointment was in not seeing the panoramic view of the Himalayas that you see in all the postcards. Apparently, March is not a good time to see the mountains because of the fog that lies in the Kathmandu valley. Other than that, we saw it all and enjoyed our stay there. As for recommendations, we spent our free day doing three things that we enjoyed very much - the Monkey Temple, the Garden of Dreams and the Krishna Arpan at the Dwanka's Hotel. They should be suggested for other visitors. You might caution people about not relying on credit cards for their stay. Four of the six hotels/resorts did not accept them and neither did most of the local restaurants. I would certainly recommend that people exchange to local currency and use that as much as possible. But, as I said, things went very well and we do appreciate the opportunity to see your country.

Richard G.
Magnificence of Nepal Himalayas, Mar 2011, Florida, USA

Hope you have been good.

I just wanted to Thank you so much for putting the Nepal / Tibet tour together for Deb & I . We loved it so much - the people , the culture , the temples , the spirituality . I can't say enough. It was such a special experience that will be in our hearts forever!

And thank you for your concern when I was not feeling good in Tibet. A Highland Asia representative checked in on me that had talked to you. He was very nice. I just had headaches a lot, but after the oxygen & a few days to adjust I felt better. So thanks again & we will definitely recommend Highland Asia Travels to all of our traveling friends !

Take care,

Susan S.
India, Nepal and Tibet, Nov, 2010, Connecticut, USA

Dear Highland Asia Travel:

Our tour through Nepal and India has come to an end.Overall it has been a most interesting trip with many memories. The hotels were exactly what we had hoped for, nice local hotels (some truly great) and no Hilton or Sheraton.Even the simple hotel in Gorkha had our blessing as it had friendly service and an excellent kitchen.

We were fortunate that the hotel in Kathmandu was full as the alternate in Bhaktapur was probably the highlight of the whole trip with the lovely village of Bandipur a close second. It is hard to believe that the festival could be celebrated in a more impressive way by young and old than it was in Bhaktapur. Even though we traversed the old town of Bhaktapur several times, we could have done it again as well as the small village of Bandipur (the last has no motorbikes!)

The itineraries were very good, and both Nepal and India had some places we would not have selected ourselves like Bandipur (delightful village with no traffic), Ranakpur (with awesome Jain temple) and Neemrama (with a truly authentic palace / fort / hotel) which all proved to be highlights. But with what we saw and did, it would have been nice to have had an extra week.

Nepal Hotel Reviews:

Vajra guesthouse Bhaktapur Very nice location, beautiful view over Durbar square, good food, nice rooms, nice staff. Fascinating celebration of Diwali festival.

Country Villa Lodge Narakot Great view with nice weather, room was simple, buffet was good, but not the place to be with bad weather.

Hotel Land Mark Pokhara Nice hotel with great view from room and nice side trip to Sarangkot, but 3 days was long as we were also going to stay in Thamil for 2 nights which is also great for shopping. For us, the tranquility of an extra day in Bandipur would have been preferred over the Barahi temple as it cannot compare to the Hindu temples in the Durbar squares or Gorka.

Bandipur Mountain Resort Beautiful location with great view of Himalayas from our nice room, and a charming village with only pedestrian traffic. We had lunch at the beautifully restored Old Inn. Probably soon someone may have a terrace on the street to have massala chai, relax and watch the goats come home.

Gorkha Bisauni Lodge Simple hotel with friendly staff and fabulous food for bargain prices. Ambassador Garden Home Kathmandu Fabulous place, nicely decorated, pleasant walk to Durbar square, pleasant staff, good food.

Comments on highlights in Nepal:

The selection of hotels and restaurants was great. Our last diner in the Thamil House was the best, the entertainment the night before was good, and the food in Gorka was a delightful surprise. The small towns and the Durbar squares were definitely the highlights. We spend much of the last day in Nepal just watching the porters in the KTM Durbar square, but Durbar square in Bhaktapur was still the highlight due to the incredible and traditional celebration of Diwali, the singing, the parades, the line-ups for the temple by young and old. The Nepalese people are very nice, with children knowing how to smile and play on the ceremonial swings especially by our hotel in Bandipur.

Nagarkot and Sarangkot and a mountain flight has a little redundancy. The view from Sarangkot was fabulous as the weather was clear, even the view in our room in Pokhara was great. Sarangkot would probably have our preference with uncertain weather (or tight schedule) as with bad weather it is easy to have an early breakfast with some shopping instead, or one can choose between Barahi or Sarangkot depending on weather; Nagarkot on the other hand requires an overnight stay with little else as backup. The mountain flight was still an interesting experience, but slightly disappointing as the distance to the Himalayas was much greater than expected. Nagarkot may even have been closer to the Himalayas than the plane if I read my maps correctly. I think it is best to not reserve it in advance, but only if weather is known to be clear as there are so many other things to see in Kathmandu or Bhaktapur or other villages in the area.

Rajasthan reviews:

SAAR Inn Delhi Very clean and friendly staff No restaurant, but excellent kitchen / room-service. Excellent location for shopping. Probably the best value in Karol Bagh, and on a quiet street as well.

Khandela Jaipur: Very nice

Master Paradise Pushkar: nice

Kankarwa Udeipur: The building was a lovely old haveli with a big room with beautiful view of the lake, private balcony overlooking courtyard, rooftop restaurant and a super location in the center of the old city and close to the gahts and some nice shopping next to the hotel.

Ranakpur Hill resort: Nice hotel with nice swimming pool, but prices in that area (Kumbalgarh) were higher than expected.

Ratan Vilas Jodhpur: Very nice family run hotel, very friendly reception, good internet room with WiFi and computer. Interesting decorations related to family history.

Ranga Mahal Palace Jaisalmer: As close to a western 4 star as we got, swimming pool, WiFi in room, no complaints, but it is a big hotel that cannot compare in atmosphere to the family run

Ratan Vilas. And a little far from town.

Rajvilas palace Bikaner: Impressive building, but not well kept and dirty swimming pool on one of the few days we had time to swim. Could be a nice hotel but needs a major cleaning.

Heritage Mandawa: Very nice hotel with good food, but due to a big tourgroup we stayed at a smaller place a pleasant walk around the corner which had also beautiful rooms with fabulous frescoes.

Neemrana fort Palace: An amazing hotel with simple but authentic rooms, with a fascinating architecture stretched over 12 stories against a steep hill with 2 swimming pools, gym, spa, many alcoves, narrow walkways, fountains and terraces with fabulous views. A great place to relax for a few days or to try to find your way to the top via a myriad of stairs and walkways.

Comments on highlights in India:

The hotels in Rajasthan were truly impressive, and overall well chosen for an unforgettable experience.

The number of palaces and forts and their size, architecture was impressive, but became a little overwhelming. I would have to review the photo's in more detail to see which could have been skipped. But Agra, Udeipur, Jaine temple and rural road to it and Jaisalmer were highlights and these alone required a fair amount of travel. A commercial flight from Jaisalmer to Delhi would have simplified a lot, but we would not have stayed in Neemrana.

We enjoyed the camel ride and hustle and bustle on the dunes, the fort with the narrow streets of Jaisalmer.The views of the lake, gahts and island palace, the architecture of our haveli hotel and the tiny shopping streets of Udeipur. The Havelis with their fresco's in Mandawa.The ox driven water wheels, the family-run brick making, the camels used for plowing around Ranakpur. The tranquility and atmosphere of Neemrana Fort.

As far as tailors goes, Satguru's in Jaipur was not as hoped for and we feel that in Karol Bagh there were better tailors, perhaps because stronger competition.The "Tourist Tailors" in Jaisalmer was very good, but unfortunately closed for the holiday when we were there. But most tourists would need some help and recommendations if they did not do their research on the net.

Final thought and conclusion:

The only negative part of the trip was by far the motorbikes! Many drive in control and show their experience, but many of them have no manners, drive reckless and use their horn in an uncontrolled and unwarranted fashion in a feeble attempt to maintain their unjustifiable speed. In the old towns of Thamel, Bhaktapur, Jaipur, Udeipur, Jodpur Bazaar and Jaisalmer there are streets too narrow for any motorized traffic let alone 2 way traffic without any control.

It was summer 1973 that I last visited Kathmandu and Varanasi, and motorbikes were rare.

It does not require a traffic expert to see that unless authorities institute rules like one-way streets, enforced speed limits, parking lots and fines for unwarranted use of horn, this situation will not only become unbearable for tourists, it will cause accidents that could have and should have been avoided. Pedestrians only streets may not be practical either, but proper permits would solve a lot to keep the trouble makers away.

Granted, we only recall 1 major accident and 1 scraped knee the whole 31 days of our holiday. We also acknowledge that the drivers have remarkable fast reactions and are very capable avoiding collisions, but that does not justify them constantly blowing their horn in the feeble hope that they can maintain a 50km speed in a narrow residential street that should have a 20km limit as children often walk alone.

In Jaisalmer it was quite clear. There were many indications that many motorbikes had no business to be inside the fort and should not have a permit to do so. During Diwali on Nov 5 it was probably worse than ever. It was also the only time we saw 2 policemen at the gate of Jaisalmer Fort, trying their utmost to control the traffic as there was no room for all the traffic without alternating the direction.

The anticipated traffic chaos in the years to come will be a decisive factor in (not) returning to these places as there are many other places in the world where these problems have been resolved, but hopefully the proper authorities are able to see examples to solutions around the world and are prepared to implement some, not just for tourists, but also for their children.

Henk W. and Vickie I.
Nepal and India (Rajasthan) Tour Oct 2010, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work in developing and executing my trip. As I look back over the trip I am coming to appreciate how much work you and your travel agency partners did to make my trip such a success. I saw several tourists on the trip who faced challenges that I didn't.

Either their guides were not as educated and able to communicate the history or culture of the events, or their tour company didn't plan well enough for them to see all the sites in a particular area that they wanted to see. I did not have any of those issues and thank you so much for your great planning and for the excellent guides who accompanied me on the trip. In particular I wanted to commend the part of the trip that was in India. I LOVED Sikkim and had a really wonderful time exploring Gangtak and that surrounding region. I hope that the airport they are building makes it easier for tourists to get to that part of the world because its a real treasure.

As far as concerns that I had with the trip, I didn't have many. I think that personally I would have liked to try more of the local food but I could tell that the other tourists were not very interested in that. I love the local restaurant in Bhutan that we ate at one day and we stopped at one in India also that I enjoyed. My least favorite hotel was in Paro, the shower was not working (my guide helped me to get it fixed) and the breakfast meal was pretty sparse. These were minor issues for me, overall I had a wonderful trip and will recommend this trip and your tour company as much as I can in the future.

I do strongly encourage you to find a way to promote travel to Sikkim more, it was my favorite part of the trip. If you have any questions or would like any additional feedback please let me know. Also, please accept my thanks for your kind note, it is very much appreciated.

Victoria F.
Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal Tour, Sep-Oct 2010, Austin, Texas

2 weeks into our stay at the girls school in India, Nepal feels light years away. It's hard to believe it wasn't that long ago. Life is so different here in the village. We certainly enjoyed our time in Nepal, which was made more special by the efforts your people put into accomodating our needs, as well as changes schedule..

We would certainly use your company again in the future, if we were to come back to this part of the world.we would also refer friends or family of the same. Again, we thank you for your efforts in making our Nepal experience memorable.

Thanks for all, Mary.

Mary C and Mike M.
Colors of Nepal Himlayas and Ghandruk Village Trekking, Sep-Oct 2010, Pennsylvania, USA