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The Tran family chapel

The Tran family chapel is situated at the old town Hoi An. Even though this chapel is located in the city but the chapel was built in the style of farm building. Since the chapel is amidst in a garden of about 1500 m2, this site is enclosed by flowers, ornamental plants, century-old plants, and fruit trees, with high surrounding walls.

Vietnam. Tran Family Chapel is one of the oldest and most historical houses in this city dating back to the beginning of 19th century and was built by Tran Tu Nhac who was a highly-respected bureaucrat under Gia Long Reign. It is a place for all family members of the Tran clan to worship their ancestors. Even now the Tran Family Chapel is still the gathering place every year for all members of the family to meet and express their thankfulness to their ancestors and this gathering also helps them to bond them strongly. This chapel is a reflection of Chinese and Japanese architecture and Vietnamese nobility lifestyle in the old days and its architecture remains as same as it was two centuries ago. The house and its garden were built in harmony following strictly the rules of Feng Shui. The chapel is made of precious wood. It is separated into two parts where the main one is used as the worshiping place and the other one as the living space for the family head and for receiving guests. The drawing room of the chapel has separate entrance for men and women where the left door is used by men and the right door is used by women and there is another door in the center of the room, used for festivals such as Tet and other festivals- a traditional festival in which they believe that their ancestors come back home by the central door of the room. The chapel also features a family altar behind which sit small boxes including ruins of the departed family members and a biography and you can see their photos hanging on the wall to the right of the altar. The Tran Family Chapel holds both architectural and cultural values and a fine example of the distinct clan’s life of Hoi An residents in the past. If you are interested and value unique and historical atmosphere of ancient sites, a visit to the Tran Family Chapel will definitely be one of the most remarkable visits at Hoi An. It is open daily from 8:30AM-6:00 PM and worth the visit.

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