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The Roof of the World

Tibet, a vast trans-Himalayan region, is the highest plateau on earth and it's not an exaggeration when it's called the "Roof of the World". The scope of travel to Tibet is unlimited! You may visit just Lhasa for the glimpses of this mystic land or cover the major Buddhist monasteries and attractions in Central Tibet, take a road trip to the foot of mighty Everest or go much further west to sacred Lake Manasarovara and Mount Kailash in Ngari region or even go off-the-road and hike or trek in the wilderness.

Travel to Tibet takes you to ancient Buddhist monasteries, palaces, ruins of the hermitages, high passes with flickering prayer flags, spectacular views of the vast plateau and the peaks of the Himalayan mountains, glittering turquoise green lakes. 

Lhasa Tour


Whether you are traveling to mainland China or Nepal, it will be convenient for you to fly into Lhasa- the capital city of Tibet. At Lhasa, you can tour the Dalai Lama's palaces, ancient temples,...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 540

  4 days 3 nights

Lhasa and Drak Yerpa Hermitage

  Lhasa Drak Yerpa,

This short trip takes you to Lhasa and the Drak Yerpa-a rural area but no so far from Lhasa. You will visit the former palaces of the Dalai Lama and the major Buddhist monasteries of Tibet. A short...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 608

  5 days 4 nights

Lhasa, Samye and Tsedang

  Tsedang Samye Yamdrok Tso Lake Lhasa Gonggar Airport,

This trip takes you to Lhasa, Samye, and Tsedang; the three essential places in Tibetan history, culture, and religion. You will fly into Lhasa and drive to Tsedang (138 miles), south-east to...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 855

  6 days 5 nights

Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse

  Gonggar Airport Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse,

Lhasa, Gyantse, and Shigatse are the most visited towns in Central Tibet. While Lhasa is the capital city and is the heart and soul of Tibet, it is also the Mecca for Tibetan Buddhists. Lhasa,...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 880

  7 days 6 nights

Tibet Everest Basecamp: An Overland Adventure

  Lhasa Gyantse Rongbuk Monastery Shigatse,

An overland adventure from Lhasa to Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet! No strenuous hiking or trekking! We travel by a comfortable minivan or bus up to Rongbuk Monastery, and then we switch to an eco...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 1,398

  8 days 7 nights

Highlights of Central Tibet

  Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tsedang Gonggar Airport,

A cultural circuit of central Tibet that commences in Lhasa-the heart and soul of Tibet, exploring the major Buddhist monasteries and palaces of Dalai Lama. And traverses through the two other major...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 1,598

  8 days 7 nights

Central Tibet with Shoton Festival

  Tsedang Samye Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse,

The timing of the trip is with the Shoton Festival, Tibet's one of the grandest festivals. We observe the annual giant Buddha Thangka painting display, enjoy the Tibetan opera, and take the...

  Tibet Classic Tours

From US$ 1,999

  9 days 8 nights

Nam-tso, The Heavenly Lake Trekking

  Lhasa Kyangra Gompa Namtso lake,

Nam-tso or "The Heavenly Lake” in Tibetan is situated at an elevation of 4,718 (15, 475 ft.) and is located about 240km (150 miles) north of Lhasa. It is a famous pilgrimage destination for the...

  Tibet Trekking

From N/A

  11 days 10 nights

Ganden to Samye Trek

  Lhasa Ganden monastery Samye Tsedang Gonggar Airport,

You will have three days in Lhasa to tour around while getting well acclimatized to the altitude before you hit the trail. The trekking begins at the Ganden Monastery which is the principal seat of...

  Tibet Trekking

From N/A

  12 days 11 nights

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

  Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Tingri Rongbuk Monastery Everest Base Camp,

Everest Base camp trekking through Tibet is quite different from the one on the Nepal side. From the Tibet side, you will be able to see unobstructed views of Mount Everest- the highest peak on...

  Tibet Trekking

From N/A

  14 days 13 nights

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    Juan C. and Cynthia A.
    New Jersey, USA

Traveler's Health in Tibet

There are no mandatory vaccinations required for entry into Tibet. However, we highly recommend that you update your routine vaccines and consult with your physician for any kinds of preventive measures or to discuss your existing illness and know if it is completely safe for you to travel.If you have heart and lung issues, you surely need your doctor's clearance.

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Traveling Tibet Made Simple

Independent traveling in Tibet is not allowed. You need to work with a travel company such as Far & High to obtain entry permit for Tibet and for this reason, Traveling to Tibet sounds like a complicated process but we will make it very simple for you. Whether you go on one of scheduled tours or take a private customized itinerary, our tour specialist will walk you through the process.

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Money Matters in Tibet

As Tibet is part of China, obviously the currency used here is Chinese "Yuan" or "Kuai"- the officially called Renminbi (RMB) which means "People's money". It's designated by a “Y.” The banknotes come in the denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 where the largest denomination used in daily life is the 100 Yuan note.

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Tibet Climate and Weather

In fact, the Tibetan climate is not as harsh as many people imagine it to be. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to the beginning of November, and the best time is August and September. Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet. The sunlight in Lhasa is so intense that the city is called Sun City. 

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Visa and Permits for Tibet

Tibet is an autonomous region of China and so Chinese government regulates tourism in Tibet in order to minimize the negative effects of tourism upon its fragile environment, culture and politics. All visitors to Tibet must travel with an authorized tour operator or its overseas representatives with a prepaid and pre-planned itinerary; equipped with necessary permits and Chinese visa.

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Getting into Tibet and Away

From Kathmandu

Currently Air China and Sichuan Air each operates daily one flight between Lhasa and Kathmandu.Howevery, they reduce the flight frequency during the winter months of December, January, February and March. The flight duration is one hour thirty minutes and offers spectacular views of snow capped mountains, including Mount Everest. 

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Ethics and Etiquette in Tibet

Its good to have some knowledge about Tibetan customs, ethics and etiquette beforehand. Make sure that you do not step on threshold when you enter a house or a tent.When you call or address somebody by name, please add "la" after the name for politeness. It’s an equivalent of "Mr." or "Sir" and “madam”.When you are asked to sit down, please cross your legs. Do not stretch your legs towards others.

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High Altitude Sickness in Tibet

What is a High Altitude Sickness?

High altitude sickness is also called Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). The following are the preliminary symptoms likely to occur. But the first four symptoms are likely to be experienced by any traveler during first few days in a high altitude and later you will get acclimatized, if you follow the precautionary measure.

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Tibet Travel Checklist

Domestic flights of China allow only 20 kilograms in checked-in baggage and a piece of carry-on luggage on the plane. You would like to make a light backpack of your valuable belongings like camera, wallet, passports etc while other stuffs like clothing, equipments will go in the checked in baggage. If you are trekking, you are recommended to use a heavy-duty duffel bag. The bag should be comfortable and tough as there will frequent loading and unloading and there is chance that your luggage is dragged, thrown around and stuffed.

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Discover More in Tibet

Tibet Festival Tours

Tibet Festival Tours

Tibet has a very beautiful landscape that is rich religion and culture. It also has fascinatingly colorful festivals and religious events which add a special touch to Tibet's unconventional beauty. If we go on to look at Tibet's festival and events calendar, we will be surprised to see how jammed packed the whole calendar is with a variety of events

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Tibet Treks

Tibet Treks

Tibet, the land of rich culture and ecological contrasts, offers unlimited potential for hiking and trekking adventures. Trekking in Tibet is challenging because of its remoteness, climatic extremes, and high altitude

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Tibet Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp in Nepal side is several days long strenuous trekking but in Tibetan side, you don't need to trek unless you want to. There is road right to the foot of the mountain but for environmental reason, vehicles are stopped at the Rongbuk Monastery from where the base camp is less than an hour hiking!

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Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, which is believed to have been formed 30 million years ago when Himalayas were in their early stage of formation, is one of the most revered places in the Himalayas. It is the spiritual centre for four great religions of the world: Hinduism, Buddhism, the Jain and the pre-Buddhist -Bon

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