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The Land of Thunder Dragon

Welcome to Bhutan- the land of fresh air, pristine nature, gorgeous mountains, lush valleys, thundering rivers, green forest, authentic culture, the friendliest people; the list goes on and on! Once you arrive in Bhutan, it doesn't take much time for you to vouch that Bhutan indeed is beautiful!

Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world. It's more than 70% of the land is covered by forest that can absorb three times the amount of carbon than it produces! Politically stable, Bhutan is also among the safest country in the world for travel.

Bhutan- a country without traffic lights- where childless people visit the 'fertility temple' for the blessing,  the national dish is curried hot pepper- and the people follow the doctrine of 'Gross National Happiness' is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.

Glimpses of Bhutan

  Thimpu Paro,

Two nights: Thimphu and one night: Paro, a delightful addition to most any itinerary, especially for anyone traveling to India or Nepal. If you are visiting Sikkim or Darjeeling, you can also travel...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From US$ 760

  4 days 3 nights

Bhutan Sojourn

  Thimpu Paro,

This trip is suitable for those who are traveling to India or Nepal and have a few days to spare. Y ou will visit Thimphu and Paro- the two major towns of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. You will...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From N/A

  5 days 4 nights

Window to Bhutan

  Thimphu Punakha Paro,

This trip takes you through the major towns of Western Bhutan: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and Wangdue Phodrang. We will visit the Dzongs (forts), temples and monasteries, take short and brisk day hikes...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From N/A

  6 days 5 nights

Bhutan Sampler

  Thimpu Punakha Paro,

Bhutan Sampler is a cultural tour with hiking opportunities in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue Phodrang-the prominent towns in western Bhutan. We spend two nights in each place. The trip features...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From US$ 1,540

  7 days 6 nights

Colors of the Drukyul

  Thimphu Phobjikha Punakha Paro,

A western Bhutan cultural circuit with hiking opportunities on the pristine nature trails leading to the ridge top monasteries, valleys, and quaint villages! Experience an array of colors in nature,...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From N/A

  8 days 7 nights

Bhutan Samtegang Winter Trek

  Paro Thimpu Punakha Samtengang,

Actual trekking four days, three nights camping and six nights hotels and lodges. This trek is suitable for the beginners or those enthusiasts who want to get a feel of trekking in the Bhutan...

  Bhutan Trekking

From N/A

  10 days 9 nights

Western and Central Bhutan Delights

  Thimphu Punakha Phobjikha Trongsa Jakar (Bumthang) Ura Paro,

On this journey of a lifetime, we will take you to the land of fresh air, rich religious and cultural traditions, breathtaking mountains, and pristine nature. Bhutan is also the land of people who,...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From N/A

  10 days 9 nights

Bhutan Cultural Walking Tour

  Paro Thimpu Phobjikha Punakha,

Bhutan, set amidst the backdrop of the sacred mountains of the Himalayas, is the world’s last surviving the Buddhist Kingdom. Blissfully apart from the outside world, and notably untrammeled by...

  Bhutan Trekking

From US$ 2,840

  11 days 10 nights

Highlights of Western and Central Bhutan with Tsechu Festivals

  Thimphu Phobjikha Jakar (Bumthang) Trongsa Punakha Paro,

In this journey of a lifetime, we take you to the land of fresh air, rich religious and cultural traditions, breathtaking mountains, and pristine nature. It is also a land of people who by official...

  Bhutan Classic Tours

From US$ 3,010

  12 days 11 nights

Bhutan's Druk Path Trekking

  Paro Takstang Jele Dzong Jimilang Tsho Lake Phajoding Thimpu,

This trip is one of Bhutan’s most famous trekking trip- a celebration in the beautiful scenery and snow-capped Himalayan Peaks; a monastery high up in the mountains, and a visit to the Dzong. A...

  Bhutan Trekking

From N/A

  12 days 11 nights

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    Warm Regards
    Kira S
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  • I met your nephew in Nepal, he did an excellent job. Our guide and driver in Bhutan were awesome, too. Our guide in north India was wonderful, it was great to have a Tibetan-Buddhist guide for us. I want to thank you for your service, you did a great job planning the trip and taking care of the problems that arose.I appreciate your help.

    Juan C. and Cynthia A.
    New Jersey, USA

Places and Sights of Bhutan

Places and Sights

Bhutan is a small country but there are a large number of places to go and sights to see: historical monumets, religious shrines, temples and monasteries, arts and craft schools, museums with rich collection of artifacts, high passes with mountain views, villages with traditional houses etc.

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Festivals in Bhutan

Festivals in Bhutan

Bhutanese festivals known as Tsechus are religious events. They are held on the 10th day of lunar month that corresponds to the birth day of Guru Rimpoche who introduced Buddhism into Bhutan, however the date varies for different monasteries. The festivals are colorful, involves series of mask dances performerd by monks and laymen and draws a great number of local villagers who dress in their best attire.

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Hotels in Bhutan

Hotels in Bhutan

With exception to a few international chain resorts and boutique properties, majority of the hotels in Bhutan are small with 15 to 40 rooms. They are built in traditional architecture that blends with other structures. They offer adequate amenities and comfort such as en suite bathroom, running hot and cold water.

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bhutan experiences

Experiences in Bhutan

Enrich your travel experiences in Bhutan by joining local rituals and rites, visiting farm families, sipping tea with monks amidst discourse on principles of Buddhism, practice archery-the national sports of Bhutan and there are more! 

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Best Time To Travel to Bhutan

You can travel to Bhutan throughout the year, but spring (March, April, and May) and autumn (September, October, and November) are the best seasons when you have pleasant weather, clear blue skies, and great views of the valleys and snow-capped mountains. Late autumn is also the time of year when the black-necked cranes migrate to central and eastern Bhutan for the winter.

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Bhutan Money Matters

Bhutan’s currency is called Ngultrum and denoted as Nu. The value of Ngultrum is at par with the Indian rupee which is also in wide circulation in Bhutan except the large bills (Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000). In fact, Indian government has demonetized Rs 500 and 1000 bills.

Most hotels, tourist class restaurants and souvenir shops accept major credit cards such as MasterCard and visa. AmexCards are not accepted by many vendors though. However, small stores do not accept credit cards.

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Bhutan Travel FAQs

1.How long before should I start planning?
A:There are limited hotels and flights to Bhutan. Spring and fall season are the busiest tourist seasons. If your trip times with a local festival, there will be higher demand of hotels and flights than usual. The airline and hotels usuallys start accepting booking one year before and they fill up soon. So, your operator should be ready to book the reservations as they open up. So, strat planning your trip as early as possible.

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Bhutan Travel Made Simple

With so many myths about Bhutan, rumors about the quota, so-called high royalty and limited flight options, and whatnot, it can be confusing when you are planning a trip to Bhutan. It's not that complicated as it sounds to be, but you indeed need to start planning well in advance, usually a year before.

1. Decide what trip you would like to take: You can join our small group tour or take a private trip. Our website lists a good number of trip ideas that can be further

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Bhutan Visa and Passport

Unless you work in Bhutan or you are a close relative of a person employed in Bhutan, or you are a Royal invitee, all foreigners except Indians must process their Bhutan visa through a Tour Operator. Book a trip with us and supply us with your passport information, occupation, and home address details and leave the rest to our expert hands. Bhutan visa processing is a part of the tour arrangement.

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Health Concerns in Bhutan

There is no need to be overly worried about health while traveling in Bhutan. With proper vaccinations and following some safety measures, you be fine.Visit  your primary physician about 6 to 8 weeks prior the trip date and make sure you are updated with routine vaccinations. We also encourage you to visit the website of Center For Disease Control and for health information for travelers to Bhutan.

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How to get to Bhutan and Away.

You can enter Bhutan by air or overland via the southern borders with India. The majority of the travelers enter Bhutan by air. Some travelers who are traveling to Sikkim or Darjeeling or North-eastern states of India may enter or exit overland. Bhutan government has made it mandatory to use at least one-way air travel, though.

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Is Bhutan Tour Expensive?

There is a wrong perception that Bhutan is an expensive destination because of the government-controlled tariff. But what we shouldn't forget is that the daily tariff includes almost everything: three-star hotels, three meals a day, accompanying guide, transport, sightseeing admission fees, and government royalty. All you need to pay out of your pocket is the airfare, personal expenses such as drinks, tipping, souvenir purchase, etc.

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Traveling Bhutan is safe.

Bhutan is almost worry-free travel destination and we don't find any adverse travel advisories against Bhutan. There is very little or no crime even in larger cities such as Thimphu. A very rare cases of pick-pocketing and purse snatching have been reported. Intermittent cases of burglaries, theft, robbery and assaults can be read in the newspapers but we have no knowledge of any foreign travelers been victim of such incidents.

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